Fashion; Religion!

Pastors, the deliverers of the word of God and the leaders of the Christian community. Designers, the dictators of fashion and directors of trends. One could say designers are the equivalent of pastors in the fashion world and magazines are to fashionistas what the bible is to Christians. Like most fashionistas we walk, talk, eat and breathe fashion RELIGIOUSLY! One would sell his soul for the last pair of Givenchy brogues or that perfect Thomas Sabo’s skull ring, if fashion is not a religion then surely we have been deceived. Fashionistas are guided by designers with their current season’s range releases, some by stylists who help them figure out how to put the items together and also by street experimentalists who just break the rules and wear the items their way .On the last day of each week (for weekly presses such as Grazia) or month (for monthly print such as Elle and GQ), you’ll see masses of people hogging magazine isles in bookshops, eager to see what’s next and new on the international fashion front, to stalk new releases of their favourite designers and discover the new hot things in fashion.You want to know why? Because fashion commands us just like the word commands the Christians.

It’s pretentious, it’s vain, it’s empty , these are all the words that have been used by those that see the fashion scene as nothing but a world of empty material gratification. What they don’t realise is that fashion is an art form, just as writing is to a writer and painting is to an artist, hence designers put their all to create unique pieces that reflect their state and expressions. Fashion is also a lifestyle, that’s why we have bloggers who dedicate every moment to capturing what looks fitting to be ideal for fashion. And finally fashion is entertainment. We watch Ftv to see shows of our favourite designers and to be entertained by the events of those shows. What most people don’t realize is that when you walk into a store to purchase a sweater, you are not just buying that sweater but you are rather buying all the elements of someone else’s decision. You are buying the texture, the color, the fit and all else of that goes with a fashion decision. Your ideology of how the sweater should look is merely a extension of the thoughts of the person who created the sweaters. Most people walk around ignorant, or oblivious about fashion because they feel that fashion has it’s own opinion generators but they don’t realize that by selecting an outfit in the morning, you are already voicing an opinion of fashion. The clothes that are on the end user’s disposal are actually someone’s hard work, someone’s creativity, their energy, their effort and their opinion and how you wear them is your translation, your art, your creativity efforts.

However, we should never confuse fashion with style. Fashion is an ideal that’s material, it is a term that describes a discipline or a course. Style is a quality, it is a character trait expressed. Our job as fashion gaurds is to help people to not fall victims of fashion bombardment, to teach them to see fashion beyond the black and white and to interpret it for themselves. That way fashion attracts meaning, it has a solid definition and form and it’s respectable.

Fashion is a Revolution!


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