Are you on the list?


A dear friend of mine took me to a whiskey tasting event at windmill casino here in Bloemfontein last year as her plus one. Since I’m more of a vodka person and has zero tolerance for whiskey, you would think it would be unthinkable to decline the invite but no I went. The idea of it all is what intrigued me really, the thought of dining with whiskey connoisseurs, whom we all know are well dressed (complete in their preppy fitted suits and moccasins) people who have expensive palates that their deep pockets can definitely afford and lifestyles that we dream about. Now tell me who wouldn’t want to associate with that?

The night started off with a presentation from one of the formidable banks in the country introducing their new product accounts which are designed and created for people who reel six figure or more. I mean! So I whatsapped and bbmed myself throughout the whole  presentation simply in awe of this world that at that time pretty much felt like a fantasy. The world( my world) obviously had to know about this underground world that we thought only existed in movies and reality TV shows.

The interesting part of the night was the speeches given by some of the prominent business men in Bloemfontein and I have need to just say that they were quite inspirational and left me feeling like I’m ready to conquer the business world. And of course the food and drinks were flowing.

From all that I just told you, you can imagine my excitement when I received an invitation directly from the organiser to attend this year’s version of the event.
I’m honestly looking forward to it and I have a feeling it will ,be an excellent experience if not better. I look forward to meeting interesting people and establish long life lucrative relationships with like minded people.

*smiles and looks at his invitation*

Are you on the guest list?


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