Overdue : Note-2-self 

As we all know; January is the ultimate planning/scheduling/introspecting period.Unfortunately for some of us we didn’t have the luxury of drawing up endless lists of to-dos because life thrusted us into the deep end before we could even finish the sentence Happy new year. In the past years, I always felt the absolute obligation to draw up the list because I felt like I didn’t do it that will mean I didn’t plan for my year and we all know how the saying goes; ” failing to plan is planning to fail”. But not surprising at all, as day are progressing in the new year, I seem to be moving and having settled steadily into the year.
Actually compared to all the other previous ‘listed’ years, my 2016 preliminary days feel more stable than ever. With that observation, I decided to make an audit of why things are as they are. In the prior years things were frenzied because of the pressure that lists put on me to achieve certain goals(most of which were not even my goals but standardised general life goals that every one is apparently supposed to have). Weight loss always tops the list and let’s all be honest; none of us ever match the ideal weight goal we wish to attain.

In my vain opinion really, resolution lists are nothing but a waste of time, unwarranted pressure and a constant reminder of what a failure you truly are( which is an absolute lie). So as this year commences, focus on reminding yourself of how far you have come in achieving all your other goals. And instead of resolving for impossible tasks that only a GI can complete, rather resolve to continue with all the other goals you have been working on. Compliments of the new year, Compliments.


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