The Burgundy Paradox is a lifestyle company run by a duo; David Moholane and Cynthia Noah. The idea behind the company was to create a virtual world where lifestyle options can be visually exhibited and explored. We are currently Bloemfontein based and we also dabble in providing PR and Marketing communications services to local businesses and we also creatively help direct brands to meet the aesthetic demands of the Bloemfontein consumers. Our main focus is demand activation, market expansion, branding, communications etc. The idea is to exhibit the Bloemfontein lifestyle through experience in order to help both consumers define their needs and demands and for businesses to determine what they may offer to consumers and how they can improve how they have been offering what they are currently offering.

The idea is to also help consumer to discover what options they have in terms of their lifestyle demands which is why we focus mainly on profiling different lifestyle businesses such as restaurants, galleries, bars and lounges boutiques in order to ensure that every businesses that encompasses the lifestyle standard we stand for, is represented in our exhibition.
In order for us to do this in the best way possible, we have invested in getting to know our market (businesses and consumers), understanding the Bloemfontein demographic, researching the Bloemfontein consumer’s demands and learning on how the satisfaction of these demands can be improved. Our focus is on luxury and premium lifestyle.


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