Lazy snacking Here is my quick and filling snack that literally takes less than 10 minutes  Ingredients  Bread Tomato sauce  Bacon Russian  Cheese  Instructions Base your bread with tomato sauce  Chop your russian and bacon into chucnks Scatter the chunks on the bread  Top it off with cheese  Bake for 8 minutes  Enjoy!

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Eureka! My Monk Straps

​Right foot left foot, right foot left foot, one step at a time to get to one’s desired destination. With the right footwear, stepping in the right direction is no longer a figure of speech but a definite action to success.  The sophistication and character defining quality that Brogues and Monk straps bring forth solidified…

Spring/Summer 2017 colours : Sepctrum

To everything in life there are basics – numbers to maths, alphabets to words, steps to running and so forth. Introduction to a new season starts with the primary which is colours before styles begets.  This summer we go back to the basics but only in their lighter notes; introducing light Orange, yellow, green and…